Request for immediate liquidation of an organised hate group

“Right Side” trans human rights defender NGO shared a video on their social page today, where an Armenian man, named Vahe Yeghiazaryan beat and insulted a trans person in the centre, live streamed on the internet the violence, promoted hate and calls of violence towards LGBT community in Armenia. In another video called “Kill Transgender People on the Streets of Yerevan”, Karen Arayan and Vahe Yeghiazaryan openly call on others to beat transgender people wherever they meet them. 

Karen Arayan is the president of “Luysi banak” (Army of light), registered in the the Agency for State Register of Legal Persons as a MILITARY-PATRIOTIC, CHARITABLE NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATION. 

Today  “Luysi banak” MILITARY PATRIOTIC, CHARITABLE NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATION posted the certificate of acknowledgment of Vahe Eghiazaryan, awarded for patriotic activities, signed and sealed by the president Karen Arayan. The post can be accessed here. (Screenshot attached)

Later on the youtube channel of “Luysi Banak” posted a video “Killed the transgender on the streets of Yerevan/LONG LIVE VAHE, where Vahe Eghiazaryan mentions that he is released from the police, because of the “respect towards him”. The video can be accessed here.  

The Dignity Movement finds that the Police has not taken adequate measures, and showed inaction in preventing further spread and escalation of hate and violence. Additionally, it can be assumed that police support such actions, since the perpetrator is released “because of the Police respect towards him”. 

The Dignity Movement identifies this incident as hate crime, supported by a NGO, which in fact has a criminal subculture. In fact this brutal case disturbed the public peace and the well being of the LGBT community is under the risk. The community members report fear, sociophobia and thoughts of not showing in public spaces. 

Dignity Movement is submitting a request to the Ombudsman of the Republic of Armenia against Police inaction and to the Ministry of Justice to immediately start the forced liquidation of the “Luysi banak” MILITARY PATRIOTIC, CHARITABLE NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATION for inciting hatred and promoting violence.