freedom of expression 


The challenges faced by young people in engaging with politics and exercising their freedom of expression are multifaceted and can vary from country to country. In Armenia, some of the challenges include:


·     Disillusionment with the political system: Many young people in Armenia feel disconnected from the political system and lack trust in political institutions, which can make them less likely to engage with politics.

·     Limited opportunities for civic education and engagement: The Armenian education system places a greater emphasis on memorization than critical thinking and civic engagement, which can limit opportunities for young people to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to engage in politics.

·     Limited representation and opportunities for marginalized groups: Members of marginalized groups, including ethnic and religious minorities and members of the LGBT+ community, may face barriers to political participation and limited representation in political institutions.

·     Fear of reprisal or violence: Young people who express dissenting opinions or engage in peaceful protests and demonstrations may face harassment, persecution, or violence.

·     Limited access to information and media literacy: Young people may struggle to access accurate and reliable information and lack the skills necessary to critically evaluate media and identify disinformation.


To address these challenges, there is a need for continued efforts to promote civic education, increase representation of marginalized groups, protect freedom of expression, and provide safe spaces for young people to engage in politics. Dignity Movement plays an important role in promoting youth engagement and participation in politics, protecting freedom of expression, and advocating for policy changes that benefit young people