Armenia faces several challenges related to the lack of  equality, non-discrimination, and hate speech/crime laws, including those related to sexism and bullying of young girls and the LGBT community. 

·     Lack of Political Will: The Armenian government has been slow to adopt and implement laws and policies that promote equality and non-discrimination. This lack of political will has created barriers to access to essential services, opportunities, and protection from hate crimes.

·     Gender-Based Discrimination: Traditional gender roles and cultural norms limit their opportunities and increase their vulnerability to violence and exploitation. Sexism is a form of discrimination that is prevalent in Armenia and affects young girls and women.

·     Discrimination Against LGBT People: LGBT people in Armenia face significant discrimination and violence, including hate crimes. They have limited access to healthcare, education, employment, and other essential services. Discrimination against LGBT people is also reflected in the lack of legal protections and anti-discrimination laws.

·     Bullying and Harassment: Bullying and harassment are prevalent in Armenia. Bullying has serious consequences for mental health and wellbeing, education, and future opportunities.

·     Hate Speech and Crimes: Hate speech and crimes create an atmosphere of fear and intolerance, which limits access to opportunities and essential services.


To address these challenges, Dignity Movement plays a critical role in advocating for policy and legislative changes that promote equality, non-discrimination, and protection from hate speech and crimes. We also raise awareness, provide education and support, and promote empowerment for marginalized groups, such as young girls and the LGBT community. In addition, we work to change cultural norms and attitudes that perpetuate discrimination, bullying, and intolerance