Dance of Dignity I Episode 2: TechnoTheater

The Techno Theater is the first Armenian neo-futuristic techno-musical performance with four acts that re sense the importance of aesthetics and functionality of rapidly developing cities. The essence of the play is seen as a transition, a trip, into a belief in a better future, which is impossible without modern technology. It is an innovative experimental theater based on honesty and aesthetics.
The four performers in the acts are the Hero, Thunderer, The Unknown, and the Masked.
Each of the four acts represents the life of an artist embedded in a 90-minute techno musical performance as trips to the happiness.
All the pillars of happiness that are different from one another and can not exist without each other are built and strengthened only passing through all four pathways.
The leaders of this trip are the four best artists in the world. Their music is heard from Bahrain to Amsterdam, in a whole Continent.
The spirit of the trip is sleepless and free, the precondition of the trip is one: self-expression…


The tickets are available at.
▪Russian drama theatre named after K. Stanislavsky, Abovyan str. 7,
▪The Corner Cafe , Teryan st. 42/19, and
▪Idram Payment System – online

▪ Tøtal
▪ Nancy Movs
▪ Alan Smithee
▪ KamavoSian