About us

Dignity Movement is youth led and youth run liberal reform movement, established in 2019 by young professionals, artists & entrepreneurs to form strong and united liberal youth movement in Armenia. Dignity Movement questions existing public and political narratives of legitimacy of social, cultural and legal norms & questions them through the liberal, green and pacifist theories campaigns for the reforms. Dignity Movement advocates through the United Nation, European and national human rights protection mechanisms and instruments.

Dignity Movement's mission is  to uphold protection of human dignity, rights and liberties by empowering youth to realize their rights and freedoms through arts, science, media and political campaigns for five reforms.

Dignity Movement's visions liberal & equal society, where everyone lives their life with dignity and enjoys their rights and freedoms equally.

Dignity Movement's core values are:

-Humanity & Human Rights Alertness.
-Gender Sensitivity, Equity & Justice.
-Transparency, Accountability & Honesty.
-Green Ideology & Policies.
-Participation & Inclusiveness.
-Respectfulness, Dignity & Diversity.
-Community Commitment & Ownership.